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At Larry Bloch Builders we have over 50 years' experience building high-quality custom homes and renovations. We combine aesthetics and durability to build and deliver homes/spaces that are beautiful, but also last a lifetime.

Our expert team of Designers, Project Managers and Superintendents handle all aspects of the construction process. We respond professionally and thoughtfully to inherent challenges that come with custom designed homes and renovations. Our strong trade relationships allow us to set high standards in quality and service to guarantee your move in date.

A meticulous eye and thoughtful consideration of every possible design detail. Intention is at the heart of everything we create. Dream homes are built on understanding, and it all starts with a conversation.

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Highly Attentive Service

We work on a limited number of projects per year to ensure your home receives the utmost attention, time and effort. This attentive service assures the highest quality homes and is why we have never missed a move-in deadline.


Highly Recommended

We take great pride in our repeat business with clients and their families and friends. Referrals from our happy customers are our number one source of business.


Quality Construction

We don't just meet building code requirements; we far surpass them with quality construction. We also create the healthiest possible environments for your family by minimizing indoor air allergens, chemicals, and pollutants, and using low/no volatile organic compound (VOC) building materials.


Eco Friendly Home Building

We create environments that conserve energy and utilize environmentally responsible building materials. We also minimize the environmental impact of new construction and renovation projects by reducing harmful emissions and eliminating construction waste.

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