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Who We Are

Larry Bloch Builders has over 35 years experience building custom high-quality homes and implementing high-end renovations. We combine aesthetics and durability to build homes that are beautiful, but also last a lifetime.


Our expert construction process has been developed and refined over three decades, giving us the innate ability to understand and prevent the inherent challenges that come with custom designed homes or renovations. We have a long-standing relationship with the leading trades and suppliers, which allows us to set high standards in quality and service and guarantee your move-in date is met.


Larry Bloch Builders delivers personalized attention in every step of the home building process, from lot selection and designing your house to handling all facets of the construction process and delivering the finished product. We can guide you through the process of a "from scratch" build or provide you with sample floor plans which can be modified to meet the specific needs of your family.

Management Team

Kameron Williams, Vice President of Construction

Kameron is responsible for the management of all Larry Bloch Builders's construction projects and Project Managers. He seamlessly integrates clients, building professionals, trades, ideas and experience into every aspect of our custom home projects.

Kameron began his construction career 19 years ago on a residential siding crew, which inspired his interest in the complexities of carpentry and building structures. He moved to Colorado to strengthen his carpentry skills while framing wonderfully complex custom homes in a beautiful surrounding. Not content with being involved in only one aspect of these projects, he set his sights on learning how to run these jobs from the ground up, and concurrently earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from the Colorado State University.

Kameron returned to Cleveland in 2004 to work with his family at Larry Bloch Builders. He spent a brief time framing, but quickly progressed to Project Manager and then into his current role as Vice President of Construction.


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